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    1. What can I say . I love the site. The video’s are great. Always enjoy seeing you perform and hearing your music. Great job guys.

    2. Just watching the old Ken Burns PBS series on Jazz. I went to spotify and found your version of Ragg Mopp. A rare but important song from my childhood. (Ciecle the seasick sea serpent) Anyway an instant fan. Will see if you are playing when I come to NYC this spring.

    3. Great Time at Laurita Winery on Friday evening. First time hearing the band for my friends and I and we thought the band and the music was terrific. We enjoyed the evening and are looking forward to your return in August.

    4. Saw you Sun. 9/22/13 at Hewlett-Woodmere Library. AWESOME!!!! The Lindy Hoppers were wonderful, also. Could you let me know when you will be in Nassau County? Want to see you. Thanks. I’m a Brooklyn lady but don’t get there often.

      Fran Kornweiss

    5. Guys, recent visit from Ireland, first time in manhattan, wanted to avoid main things, loved it!!! so much talent- us so little time, keep feeding yourselves, because that was a really cheap gig! smiling already..

    6. I saw you in Central Park almost 7 years ago and bought your CD and randomly stumbled upon it today during some cleaning. Glad to see you’re still making music . 🙂

    7. I lived in Manhattan for 6 years and used to listen to you guys playing on 68th and 5Ave in Central Park. I loved your music, I bought your CD, and remember asking my toddler son to drop some money into your guitar case when I had no money to spare. You were such part of our walks in the park, something that made New York simply unreplicable New York. When we moved to the midwest we lost you with all the little things we loved in our life in Manhattan until yesterday…. I heard you on Pandora! ….My husband and I immediately recognized your music! We miss you, and love you, and thank you so much for giving us all those fantastic memories of quality music in the park! Your music brings up such fond memories that I am just so grateful to be able to relive in my mind! Wish you all the best!

      • Hello Johanna,
        Thank you so much for your kind note. We loved that part of our lives as well. We got to meet some many people from so many parts of the world. We hope to record a new CD in a few months. I’d be happy to send you a copy if you like. All the best to you and your family.

        Chris (Bassist)
        The Blue Vipers

      • Hello there. We don’t have any tours planed right now. We hope to get back to Key West soon. Hope to see you at one of our east coast gigs someday.

    8. Ran into this group on my friends birthday (January 5th) at the Brooklyn Public House. Every single song performed was very good. Really a revelation.

    9. Totally loved you guys at Key West this summer when we went for a 4 day vacation. The keyboard player at Sloppy Joe’s told us about the band and awesome sax player. Both were outstanding and I would love to hear you guys live again in the future. What a nice surprise and great way to put the cherry on the top for our vacation.