Florida tour 09

florida tour 09
Yo yo yo what up!
So, we just returned from our Florida tour, and man, it is too damn cold up here, Cmon global warming, do your stuff.
Anyway, we did some great gigs down in the sunshine state, but it was quite a task getting there. Now, apparently, Continental Airlines works sort of like a Continental breakfast. It sounds really fancy, but in reality, all you get is some stale coffee and some day old donuts….ick. So, we got to the airport, got on our OVERBOOKED airplane, and then were told “We don’t have enough seats, get lost” at which point emerged the four Levels of Viper reaction….Thom Abbot, calm, in control, myself(Billy) a bit miffed but expecting nothing less from said crappy airline, Chris Pistorino, slightly more agitated, cursing a bit and visibly angry. And last but not least, David Langlois….Completely. Freaked. The F**k. Out. “I’m not getting off this plane, I paid to be here, I can’t believe this”
“Sir, you need to get off this plane”
“Go ahead, what you gonna do?”
Oh shit, this is the part where they arrest him or something or so we thought. But no, he gets off the plane and starts writing down names of everyone at the desk. Now, what I hadn’t realized that David had caught was the fact that while our ticket taker person was on the phone there were three seats left (no assigned seats on this flight) and while our man yapped with someone, one of our seats was given away to someone with a ticket, same thing, no seat assignment. Such nonsense.
Anyway, we ultimately missed our first scheduled gig at the Parrot in Key West, however, the owner hooked us up with two extra shows and totally showed us love. Not like NY not my problem hard ass attitude, but genuinely hooked us up. John is da man. Can’t wait to play there again..We spent the days just sort of goofing off and riding bicycles all over the island. Twas too cool.
We did a couple other things in the rest of Florida as well, stayed in a hostel in Miami, Mangos in Lauderdale, and a swing dance in Tampa. A fun trip all in all, and the origin of our new catch phrase, “f**k me bananas.” What the hell that means, I have no idea. None. But its catchy, so go with me on this.
So, that’s our big first tour 09. I’m sure there will be many more to come, and many more Viper misadventures to discuss. Ok, and now a slight B reference, give it up for a fine old film serial, Undersea Kingdom. This great serial featured big oilcan looking robots and one fabulous quote “Your mind has been transformed, you just don’t know it” Dig that shit baby, they just don’t write em like they used to.
Billy Nemec